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NATIONAL NOTE BUYERS exists to help and inform all who need to know about mortgage notes and trust deeds, both residential and commercial.  We help individuals or companies create, sell, understand notes.  We are investors and do not lend money but purchase cash flows. We are determined not only to make great deals on  mortgages and trust deed notes which you are selling or buying, but strive to be a good neighbor. We shape our business decisions to improve the quality of life in the communities where we do business. 


along with other structured payments arising from legal settlements, annuities, lottery winnings and other types of payment contracts including but not limited to inheritances etc., we will underwrite all notes and close a purchase very quickly, provided we have a complete loan file including the required documentation to provide us with the ability to give our customers a quote., and we will look forward to serving you in a professional manner. 


On January 22, 2002, President, George W. Bush signed into law a bill that protects individuals when selling their structured settlement payments to meet un-planned future financial needs. This new law makes all structured settlement payment sales subject to a court order. If there is no court order, a tax that is approximately equal to 40% +/- will have to be paid on the total amount of payments being sold. This new law helps those individuals from being defrauded.

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There are a number of different programs whereby an individual can access any portion of their annuity. The selling annuity of a structured settlement process firstly requires that a court order be obtained which authorizes the sale. This is required by all states and by Federal Statute. The advantage of needing a court order prior to selling the annuity helps to protect you. The court helps to determine that you are receiving a fair amount when selling the annuity and that any remaining payments that aren't sold are protected

Structured settlement transactions must be accomplished according to strict legal guidelines. A Transfer and Assignment Agreement is executed with the seller following full disclosure of the price and other contractual terms. The sale is announced to all interested parties (payment beneficiaries, insurance companies) and then must be approved by a judge Personal injury claims used to be settled merely by exchanging a sum of money for a release of the claim. In contrast, a Structured Settlement goes beyond an immediate cash payment and provides future payments "structured" over time to meet a person's ongoing financial needs. A structured settlement may provide payments for a certain period of time or extend throughout the lifetime of the injured person.

People receive structured settlement payments as the result of legal action. If one party sues another, there might be a settlement and the defendant might agree to make payment over time (annuities-structured settlements. The defendant, in conjunction with an insurance company, purchases an annuity policy from another insurance company. The annuity policy makes payment now and in the future to the original lawsuit's plaintiff.

Please note that it takes at least 60-90 days, from initial contract to final funding, to complete the process. CAUTION´┐Ż anyone claiming that it takes less time is not telling the truth!   We  will always attempt to set realistic expectations for our customers. We will not make wild  promises that cannot be kept.  We know that our customers want and need their money NOW, but the law requires that a judge approve the transfer of payment rights, and that takes time. We keep every customer updated each day, if necessary, doing whatever is possible to speed up the process., and getting you your CASH.


1.What is meant by Simultaneous Closing? The phrase "Simultaneous Closing" is used to describe transactions that occur when the seller is carrying back a note, as payment for their property, with the specific intention of selling the note for cash.  In other words, "Simultaneous Closing" just means, during an escrow closing, that there are two (2) separate closing transactions happening within minutes of each other.

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2. Are there any guidelines for this type of closing?

Yes, one is that the buyer of the property needs to have a  FICO Score of 550 or more.

Because every note has different circumstances it is difficult to walk you thru the steps here.  If you have a situation you wish to discuss please e-mail us at or call us at 413-592-0858 and we will be happy to walk you thru the steps. 


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We buy mortgages and trust deeds nationwide. We are actively seeking to purchase Residential and Commercial Mortgages and Trust Deeds along with other structured cash flow payments




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